Some of the educational activities described here include a study guide on the Nakba, teacher training sessions, and open courses for young people and adults. To learn about the context for Zochrot's educational programs see the bottom of this page.

About Zochrot's educational programs
The Nakba is a constitutive event in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and continues to influence the reality of our lives today. Yet it is also an event that is silenced and given almost no mention in the Israeli education system, in school curricula, or in Israeli collective memory, all of which emphasize the Jewish-nationalist history of the country. Encouraging teachers and young people to learn about the Nakba in Israeli educational settings is vitally and centrally important.

Zochrot's educational tools provide an opportunity for learners to gain familiarity with topics such as the Nakba, Palestinian refugees and the right of return. The learning process passes through different stations that critically question our identity as Jewish-Israelis, the places familiar to us, the shaping of collective memory, the relationships between dominant and silenced histories, possibilities for reconciliation, and more.

Learning about the Nakba is complicated for many Israelis: It unsettles the foundations of most everything they have been taught in school or out. But this kind of learning can open up new ways for constituting Jewish identity, reworking relations between Israelis and Palestinians so that they can be founded on respect, recognition and responsibility.

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