Pre-Transitional Justice

In both activism and academia worldwide, transitional justice has developed into an area that addresses situations of transition from dictatorship to democracy or from conflict to reconciliation. In the Israeli-Palestinian context, we propose the concept of pre- transitional justice – an array of tools and strategies applied while the conflict is ongoing to promote the transition from a culture of denial and impunity to one of recognition and accountability and redress of injustices.

The Pre-Transitional Justice area in Zochrot proposes viewing and analyzing the Nakba and Return through the prism of the four major mechanisms in the transitional justice discourse:

  • Truth seeking and dealing with the past
  • Redress and compensation
  • Institutional reforms
  • Legal practices/prosecution/demand for accountability

We also invite you to view Zochrot’s entire practices as an array of civic/informal intervention for the promotion of justice, or the local equivalent of “unofficial truth projects”. 

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