Fisherman's Village
District: Jaffa
Jewish settlements on village\town land after 1948: Tel Aviv expansion

In the beginning of the twentieth century fishermen lived in dozens of shacks, most of them built of wood, along the Yarkon estuary (“Auja,” in Arabic). A few dozen fishermen lived on the northern bank, near the Reading power station. One of them, Aharon the Fisherman, was the last to leave, in 2011, when the area was incorporated in the walkway erected by the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality along the river bank. The village was also known as “the fishermen’s area” (in Arabic, “Mintaq’at al-Si’adeen”). 

The village was inhabited by a number of Arab families who’d come from different places:  the Shibli family, Christians from Beirut and Acre; the Abu-Jabra family, who were Bedoin; the Bidas family, from Sheikh Muwanis; and the Qatou’ans.  One of the Qatou’ans married a Jewish woman at the end of the 1930’s.  She asked him to convert and he changed his name to Mizrachi.  Aharon the Fisherman is one of their sons.

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