al-Jammasin al-Gharbi
District: Jaffa
Population 1948: 1250
Occupation date: 26/01/1948
Occupying unit: Irgun (Etzel) & Hagana units
Jewish settlements on village\town land before 1948: None
Jewish settlements on population center of the village\town after 1948: Givat Amal B (Tel Aviv)
Jewish settlements on village\town land after 1948: Shikun Bavli (Tel Aviv)

The village was situated 2.5 km from the seashore on the central coastal plain and was bordered by marshlands. It was located 6.5 km northeast from Jaffa.

Al-Jammasin al-Gharbi was probably taken by Zionist troops some time before the end of the British Mandate on 15 May 1948. By this time, Zionist forces were in control of the whole coastal area between Haifa and Tel Aviv.

There are no settlements on village lands, but development from Tel Aviv has taken over the site, which is now part of the Tel Aviv municipality.

The site is overgrown with weeds and grasses, interspersed with cypress, Christ's-thorn,, and fig trees and castor-oil plants. A few somewhat dilapidated houses remain; some inhabited by Jews, others deserted. One inhabited hosue is a two-storey structure that looks like a conglomeration of unrelated rooms of varying size and shape. It has rectangular doors and windows, and the roffs of the rooms on the upper floors are both slanted and gabled. The whitewash on the exterior walls is peeling off. The high-rise apartment complexes of Tel Aviv loom in the back ground.

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