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Forensic Architecture (Goldsmiths University, UK), The popular committee of Al-Araqib and Zochrot The film was presented in the frame of the exhibition...
This evening is part of a series of events organized by Zochrot this year to mark the Nakba’s 70th anniversary. It will take place on Sunday, July...
The Israeli discourse revolves around 1967, and forgets the place that 1948 occupies in the Palestinian consciousness" Interview with Avi-Ram Tzoref
In these difficult times, it is particularly important to make the voice of poetry heard to protest against the silencing and erasure of the Nakba, and to...
A Palestinian refugee returns to visit his destroyed village near Ramle in 1969, and is filmed for an Israeli documentary. Thirty years later, in a...
An Israel Social TV (ISTV) program on the perspectives of peace organizations regarding the return of Palestinian refugees
Taboo - Social prohibition against names, activities, people and conversation subjects considered undesirable. Violating a taboo is seen as a despicable...
Double feature & panel about the role of film archives in (re)framing national identity and memory
48mm Film Festival From Nakba to Return

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