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The residents of Kafr Bir'im were expelled in November 1948. In the summer of 2013 some of them returned. Marian Dau (12 years old) is showing the...
With the approach of the second international 48mm Festival of films on the Nakba and return of Palestinian refugees on November 2014, we organized a...
Karim is a young Lebanese-Palestinian-American man. His mother’s family, Al-Ayubi, Had left Yaffa for Beirut at the beginning of the...
Using the iNakba app, we managed to arrive at the destroyed village of Kawfakha in the Gaza district.
Testimony \ Tel al-Sabi ( Bir-a-Saba) 
The role of courts in processes of change and historical acknowledgment  1948 and 1967 in Israeli courts: discussion, criticism and comparison...
Continuing The New KKL (JNF) project by Zochrot, dosens of activists commemorated the Nakba on the Israeli Independence Eve.
iNakba is a trilingual mobile app based on GPS Navigation technology. This app allows users to locate and learn about Palestinian localities destroyed...
Performance by Devora Neumark, a Jewish Canadian artist, presented at the exhibit of New KKL (JNF) at Zochrot March - May 2014. Devora is digging into a...
The Speakers in the launching event - Professor Oren Yiftachel -Department of Geography and Environmental - Development, Ben-Gurion University of the...
New KKL (JNF) activists added names of KKL forests and the destroyed Palestinian Villages covered by them to the map at JNF building in center Tel Aviv....
This film was created for the exhibition of New KKL in Zochrot, February-May 2014 This project has no connection to KKL-JNF.

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