Prisoners without Swords –Symposium: Palestinian Prisoners in 1948-1949
With Professor Mustafa Kabha- Hestorian & Media researcher, and Wadi' 'Awawdeh- writer & journalist.

Zochrot invited the public to a symposium on the Palestinian prisoners in 1948-1949, following the book of Mustafafa Kabha and Wadi' 'Awawdeh, "Prisoners without Swords – Palestinian Prisoners and Israeli Detention Centers between 1948 and 1949", published (in Arabic) in 2013.

Together, we examined the phenomenon of detaining thousands of Palestinians simultaneously as a practice of control and oppression, from the early days of the Nakba to this day. Prof. Kabha and 'Awawdeh presented the book that reveals the scope of the detention of Palestinian men in military facilities upon the establishment of the State of Israel and its implications for the entire Palestinian society in the State of Israel and beyond.

The event was held against the background of the current hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners, and one day before thousands of Palestinians take part in the annual Processions of Return to mark their expulsion and Israelis celebrate their "independence".

Event language: English

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