Symposium: Genealogy of Erasure
Houses beyond the Hyphen

The symposium offered an extensive discussion of the issues addressed by the project, with emphasis on the erasure of official, public, cultural and private lives of the pre-1948 Palestinian city – and Jaffa in particular – by presenting and discussing a range of other projects that expose the urban history of the now hyphenated city.

  • Greetings and opening statements: Debby Farber
  • Prof. Tobi Fenster and Ronnie Schlesinger: The House as a Contact Zone in Jaffa: The -Conflicted Urban Spaces Project
  • Architects Shamir Zalkin and Omer Bar-Oryan: Qutub House – Quasi-Modernism
  • Keren Kinberg: Amin Nassif House on 36 Oley Zion St.
  • Himat Zoabi: Town-less town dwellers – Haifans in post-Nakba Haifa
  • Tamara Ben Halim, A third generation refugee from Yaffa, her family had fled in 1948 to Egypt, Skype conversation.

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