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By: Yoav Stern
Following numerous requests on behalf of Zochrot organization, the Jewish National Found (KKL-JNF) obligated itself to change the...
In following with our request, the following activities were implemented by Zochrot as part of the Bridging Memory project, in...
By: David Zonshein
"Sedek" gently leads the Israeli reader, whose trauma clashes with the Palestinian's trauma, to uncover the Nakba.‎ "Sedek"...
By: Orly Lubin
The first issue of "Sedek" made me respond politically in a way that I'd forgotten - shock. The first issue of "Sedek" made me...
By: Meron Rapoport \ Haaretz
During the 1950s, the nascent state and IDF set about destroying historical sites left behind by other cultures, particularly...
By: Zafrir Rinat
Yehuda Ziv, who heads the Government Names Committee's subcommittee for community names: "I claimed that original Arab names of...
By: Itamar Inbari
Ahead of the "Day of the Palestinian Tragedy" that will be observed tomorrow, extreme left organizations will be holding street...
By: Amiad Taub
Following the intervention of Jerusalem municipal council member Adv. Yair Gabai, the police prevented the "Zochrot" organization...
By: Yoav Stern
Yesterday activists  of the radical left organization "Zochrot" marked 59 years since the  Deir Yassin massacre.
By: Yoni Mendel
59th anniversary ceremony of the massacre to take place in Deir Yassin today. This year, organizers must contend with a new book...

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