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By: Linda Kinstler
Binyamin Eshet shifts uneasily in his chair, averting his eyes from the camera. His interviewer has just asked him to recall the...
By: Eitan Bronstein Aparicio
By: Ishay Fridman
There are moments in history when it is appropriate to hide a small truth in order to expose a bigger one. Crimes against humanity...
By: Moshe Gilad (also photos)
I’d been there dozens of times in the past. I never noticed the Sheikh’s Tomb standing on the manicured lawn. I didn’t see it....
By: Charlotte Silver
I am interested in the traces of the perpetrator, because he can testify about the system. He is the one who can explain to us how it...
By: Arnon Lapid
Ronen Ziv-Li from Rosh Hanikra looked for what remained around his kibbutz from before 1948 and came back with a tour route through...
By: Raja Shehadeh
That an Israeli group like Zochrot should organize a trip to a city where some of the Nakba’s worst atrocities occurred is an...
By: Maria Za'arur
Zochrot  conducted a tour of Lod to sites from which it’s been claimed Arabs were expelled in 1948.  Among the...
By: Lilach Weber
This text was published first in Hebrew on October 13, 2012 hereThe tours proposed in “Once Upon a Land” range from the north to...
By: Yonatan Mendel
The two Hebrew books discussed in this article, issued by major, well-known Israeli publishing houses (HaKibbutz HaMeuchad and Am...

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