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By: William Booth and Ruth Eglash
Nowadays, Nakba commemorations by Palestinian citizens of Israel are becoming more public and more assertive. And they come with a...
By: Steven Klein
A new mobile app to help locate Palestinian villages destroyed since 1948 is launching Monday night to coincide with Israel's...
By: Zochrot
By: MEMO Photograher: Rich Wiles
As a small group of Palestinian and Israeli activists flanked by various members of the Israeli 'security services' walked past the...
By: Shay Hazkani
The file in the state archives contains clear evidence that the researchers at the time did not paint the full picture of Israel's...
By: Gideon Levy
The time has come to move past the cult of personality surrounding Israel's greatest leader and evaluate his actions honestly
By: Ryan Rodrick Beiler
The Israeli group Zochrot organizes many tours of Palestinian villages depopulated during the Nakba of 1948. What made this...
By: Edna Shemesh
The guidebook “Once Upon a Land” launches its readers on a different kind of journey through space and time, to the Palestinian...

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