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By: Omer Carmon
"The catastrophe of the Palestinian people is silenced and is not present in the physical and cultural landscape of Israel," claims...
By: Amiram Barakat
The state has agreed to post signs following a petition to the High Court of Justice; The signs will be posted in Canada Park in...
By: Yuval Yoaz
The omission of the "Palestinian period" in the area by State authorities and the JNF is the subject of a petition...
By: Ben-Dror Yemini
What was actually said there is less important. Academic research suffers all. True, there are Palestinians who know how to...
By: Eli Levy
A lawyer who is a Haifa resident, and who asked to remain anonymous, said that he found a sign in Arabic with the name of a street...
By: Aviv Lavie
In 1951, Cohen was 33 years old; he had come to Israel from Iraq with his family, and they were housed by the Ben-Gurion...
By: Esther Zandberg
The site, the area of which is about 45 dunams, also contains the central structure of the Ramat Aviv Hotel, built in a modern style...
By: Isabelle Humphries
The Israeli "left" have long been talking and arguing over the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza of 1967. More controversial ...
By: Jonathan Cook
In front of the locked gates of the Kfar Saul psychiatric hospital in the sprawling suburbs of West Jerusalem, Bronstein was...
By: Yair Etinger
Dozens of Jews and Arabs yesterday marched around the fence surrounding Jerusalem's Kfar Shaul psychiatric hospital, the site of the...

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