"Almost Forgot" group reminds Tel Aviv – Jaffa residents of the Nakba
By: Al Z. Heimer

[Translated from the Hebrew]

We, members of the group "Almost Forgot," citizens who seek to act before amnesia completely takes over the land, took to the streets on the eve of Independence Day, the day in which Tel Aviv is dressed in blue and white, in order that we not forget those who lived here until 1948.

In the public spaces expropriated by commercial companies at the expense of the our freedom of choice, we placed speech balloons on advertisements in bus stations and in the streets, causing them to say what we Almost Forgot about the Palestinian Nakba:

We Almost Forgot that "the future of a nation that forgets its past is cloaked in fog." Our memory must include the Palestinian Nakba and is a necessary precondition for advancing reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians.

Israel (Al) Z. Heimer
Spokesperson of the "Almost Forgot" group

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