Israeli aid to refugees in Lebanon
By: Harun Takhauko

The "Zochrot" organization, which works to commemorate the Arab cities and villages that were destroyed during the War of Independence and whose residents were expelled, has recently begun collecting donations that will reach refugees in Lebanon, primarily Palestinians.

A notice publicized on the organization's website read: "In our view opposition to the war and to the Israeli offensive on should not be expressed solely in street protests or petitions. Thousands of Lebanese, among them many Palestinians, have been injured as a result of the Israeli offensive on . Our responsibility as those who oppose the war is to try to better their situation in some way."

It further stated: "We are using our relationship with the CIMADE organization in France, which has supported Zochrot over the past two years, to transfer funds to a Palestinian organization in with whom they maintain a long-term partnership."

Zochrot's director, Eitan Bronstein, told Nana News that the Red Cross estimates there are some 400 thousand Palestinians in Lebanon. "The sums that we have collected, which have so far been completely meager, are supposed to reach Lebanon through the French organization. I would be very happy if the response was greater since as of now about 1,000 Euros have been collected." Bronstein added some have already expressed opposition to the initiative, arguing that aid should read the residents of the north of the country and not enemies from Lebanon.

Bronstein believes everyone must be assisted, including the residents of the north who were harmed, "but with all the sadness that is due, the citizens who have absorbed the worse of the damage are the Lebanese. Estimates say it will take along time to rebuild the destruction in Lebanon. Zochrot is not trying to rehabilitate Lebanon but to demonstrate responsibility and to extend symbolic assistance. We as an organization oppose every Israeli action in Lebanon, and we hope that our aid with help in some way." 


Translated by Talia Fried



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