Training and Learning on Pre-Transitional Justice

The pre-transitional justice area in Zochrot conducts ongoing study on how other communities and governments have applied transitional justice mechanisms, including seminars and tours in Northern Ireland and South Africa and hosting experts from Rwanda and Bosnia. Other activities include:

  • The Lab – a project development platform
  • Courses on transitional justice, colonialism and refugeehood
  • Training in collecting testimonies of Jewish fighters
  • Training for truth commission members – under development
  • Sharing the model with other civil rights organizations – under development

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By: Eitan Bronstein Aparicio. Photographs: Eléonore Merza

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Artist: Curator: Eyal Sivan, Scientific Curator: Prof. Ilan Pappe, Assistant Curator/Producer: Debby Farber
Opening: 02/10/2012
Closing: 15/01/2013

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