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Zochrot’s Visual Research Lab is a dynamic platform for reflection, study, development, and production of concepts for the creation of a new visual language that does not erase Palestinianness from the Israeli mental and physical space, but acknowledges it – one that is conducive to discourse about redress. This new discursive space enables the consideration of the Nakba as an ongoing event that defines the relationship between Arabs and Jews and a reexamining of the country’s denied and silenced history and the future we would like to build here through various practices of visual and video art, film, writing, research, artistic activism in public space, and more. The lab is designed to serve as a platform for political action of recognizing the Palestinian Nakba that links the forgetting of 1948 to daily life in Israel and allows us to imagine a different life in the space we inhabit today – a life which currently appears to many as a reality whose transformation is beyond our powers to conceive and imagine.

For more details, please contact the gallery curator - Debby Farber: or by Tel: 03-6953155

Past Exhibitions:
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Opening: 12/12/2013 - Closing: 30/01/2014
Artist: Dvora Morag
The exhibit is open from Sunday to Thursday 10:00 - 15:00. Call to make sure: 03-6953155. The text by the curator Dr. Ktsia...
Opening: 21/11/2013 - Closing: 05/12/2013
Artist: Eric Bokobza
Unlike other portrayals of executions in which the viewer may be able to “take comfort” in the possibility that, despite the...
Opening: 28/07/2013 - Closing: 19/09/2013
Artist: Aiob Abu MaDeGam
Photography exhibit
Opening: 15/04/2013 - Closing: 30/05/2013
Artist: Eitan Vitkon
Photographs and video art

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