Tour at the Destroyed village of Dayr Aban and Action in U.S.A Park, as part of “JNF- 120 years of Dispossession and Displacement” campaign
From: 02/10/2021 10:00 - To: 02/10/2021 14:00

The remains of dozens of Palestinian villages and towns are hidden in plain sight inside forests and parks planted by the Jewish National Fund across the country. The U.S.A Independence park near Jerusalem is but one example. Like other JNF forests, the US park plays an aggressive role in re-designing the landscape in colonial-Zionist patterns, this erasing the landscape’s Palestinian identity. It covers up the remains of Palestinian villages that the state of Israel destroyed, and it prevents their former Palestinian inhabitants, who became refugees in 1948, from returning.

We invite you to join us for an educational political action on Saturday, October 2nd 2021. The action will include a tour of what remains of the Palestinian village Dayr Aban, near Bet Shemesh and inside the U.S.A Independence park. From there we will continue for an observing point inside the park to hear about the role of the JNF in the colonization of Palestine and the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

The cost of participation is 50NIS, or according to the participant’s ability. 

A bus to the tour will leave: (A) Tel Aviv at 9:00 from Lewinsky garden 31 Ha’gdud Haivri St

and (B) Latrun Gas station at 9:30 (please let us know in advance, through the registration form below, where you'd like to get to the bus)

To reach the village and the meeting point independently please use the iNakba APP, or use WAZE to "Derech Eretz Farm" in Mahseya, near Beit Shemesh

The tour will take about 4 hours, including a two kilometer average difficulty walk in Dayr Aban and half hour drive to the observation point.  We expect to be back at Tel Aviv at 15:00.

To join, please register in advance through Registration form

For further inquiries, please write to the following address: or call Umar al-Ghubari 052-8743099

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