Before Balfour protest – remember the Balfour declaration & the Nakba
Memorial tour of Talbiyeh neighborhood
From: 29/08/2020 - To: 27/08/2020

Zochrot invites you to a memorial tour of Talbiyeh neighborhood in Jerusalem, close to where the current protests against Netanyahu and his government take place. Long before there were protests demanding justice, there were Palestinian neighberhooods that were depopulated of their residents who are still waiting til this very day to return home. Before protesting, join us to learn about your surrounding and remember the Palestinian residents who were expelled from it.

Talbiyeh was built by Palestinian elite families who were exiled from West-Jerusalem in 1948. It then fell to the hand of Zionist elite and was populated by people close to the ruling party (Mapai), Members of the Knesset, Supreme Court judges etc. We will look at the villas, see the family home of Edward Said, the home of Martin Buber and others, tell the stories of the refugees and ask how all of this is connected to the house in Balfour Street.

When? Saturday August 29 at 16:30. The tour will take approximately two hours.
Where? Meeting point at Rehavia, 8 Ramban St, near the windmill.

tour guide: Yahav Zohar, Jerusalem resident, one of the authors of Zochrot’s tour book.
Come with open ears & hearts, please wear masks and keep physical distance for safety. For those unable to attend, we will also broadcast the tour via Facebook Live on Zochrot’s page, welcome to follow and ask questions during the tour.

The tour will take place in Hebrew, English translation will be available if needed. 

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