48mm at Sheikh Abreik Festival
Screening the two films: Hirbet Hizeh and al- Midaya
From: 07/04/2017 17:00 - To: 07/04/2017 16:30

48mm at Sheikh Abreik Festival
Hirbet Hizeh+To Midaya
April 7th 2017 15:00
At Oranim College, Tivon

In the framework of Sheikh Abreik Festival, Zochrot is organising a special screening of the films: Hirbet Hize(1978) and “To Midya” 2014.

Hirbet Hizeh by director Ram Levi is based on the book by S.Yizhar that was published in 1949. The film focuses on  the expulsion of Palestinian residents from their village in 1948. The video work “To Midya” by artist Dani Gal looking at the location where Levi’s film was shot- the village of Midya. Both films raise important questions concerning the Palestinian Nakba and and its representation in the Israeli Cinema.

Hirbet Hizeh Director: Ram Levi, 53 min, Hebrew 
To Midaya Director: Dani Gal 26 min Hebrew +Arabic translation to English
The Screening of Hirbet Hizeh made possible by Channel 1

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