Panel: Echoing the Past - Using digital practices to expose crimes and abuse
From: 27/04/2017 20:00 - To: 27/04/2017 22:00

The Pre-Transitional Justice Program

Echoing the Past: Using digital practices to expose crimes and abuse
Perspectives from Ireland & Palestine/Israel

Emilie Pine - Industrial Memories Project & University of Dublin
Muhammad Jabali  - Echoing Haifa

Thursday, April 27, 2017, 8PM
Zochrot’s offices in Tel Aviv: 34 Yitzhak Sade St., 4th floor, Room 400.

Lecture: 'Digital Witnessing and the Voice of the Survivor: Using technology to understand a history of abuse

This lecture will describe the project Industrial Memories, based at University College Dublin, Ireland. The project seeks to explore and represent the experiences of children who were incarcerated in residential institutions in Ireland 1922-1995. Many of the children were abused by the Catholic Orders who ran the institutions, and this abuse was tolerated by the State which oversaw and funded them.

Emilie Pine will discuss the digital approaches that the project uses to open up this repressed history and to think about the way that this system of oppression functioned. Emilie will focus on the mobile app Echoes from the Past ( as a channel for hearing survivors voices and experiences, and the creation of a new map of Ireland marking the location of all of these institutions.

Dr Emilie Pine is Associate Professor of Modern Drama at University College Dublin. She is Principal Investigator of the Industrial Memories project, funded 2015-18 by the Irish Research Council. Emilie is Editor of the Irish University Review and Director of the Irish Memory Studies Network. She has published widely in the field of memory studies.

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