48mm - Screening event at Haifa Cinematheque
February 26, 2016
From: 26/02/2016 13:00 - To: 26/02/2016 15:00
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48mm – The International Film Festival on Nakba and Return will hold a special screening at Haifa Cinematheque on February 26 at 13:00.

Project 48 mm is designed to promote awareness change processes and expand circles of influence by encouraging viewers, filmmakers and video artists to include direct reference to the Nakba and Return within their viewing and creative processes and habits, with the aim of facilitating a discursive space for restitution. In this project, film provides space for reexamining a range of denied and silenced narratives and imagining the future we would like to build in this country.

A selection of short films produced for the festival will be screened in the presence of the filmmakers. After the screening will be a discussion (In Hebrew) with the filmmakers on political cinema, freedom of expression and integration of the Palestinian Nakba and Return as controversial subjects in the cinematic discourse.

Mirror Image
Director: Danielle Schwartz

Israel 2013
10 min. Hebrew with English subtitles. 
Jewish Israeli grandparents are challenged by their grandchild to compose an agreed-upon version of the untold story of a large crystal mirror, taken from the destroyed Palestinian village of Zarnuqa. An intimate discussion that reflects on the presence of the Nakba in the lives of Jewish Israelis and addresses its silenced remnants, located at the very center of our lives.

*Winner of the Van Leer Award for Best Short Documentary Film, Jerusalem Film Festival and the Grand Jury Prize in Short Competition at DOC NYC Documentary Film Festival.
Screened in leading film festivals around the world, including Palm Springs Short Film Fest, Warsaw Film Festival, San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, Kassel Short Fest, Flickerfest Short Film Festival in Sydney, Australia and Palestine Film Festivals in London, Ann Arbor and Chicago. 
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Take 3
Directed by Ayelet Bachar

Israel/Palestine 2015
15 min. Arabic and Hebrew, with Hebrew and Arabic subtitles
A Palestinian refugee returns to visit his destroyed village near Ramle in 1969, and is filmed for an Israeli documentary. Thirty years later, in a different documentary but in a remarkably similar scene, a refugee visits his village again. By an amazing coincidence, they turn out to be the same person: Abu-Muhammad from the village of ‛Anaba. The film returns to these documentaries through the eyes of their directors, Ram Levi and Ra’anan Alexandrovich. Could the return scene be filmed for the third time?

All Rights Reserved
Director: Laila Bettermann, Anael Resnick

Palestine/Israel 2014
12 min. Hebrew with English subtitles. 
Taboo - Social prohibition against names, activities, people and conversation subjects considered undesirable. Violating a taboo is seen as a despicable act.
Tabu – Property title deed.
When the house and its tenants want to tell a story but are silenced by the taboo, objects have to speak in their stead. A house turns into a tile, a landlord into a lock and a meeting into a cup of tea. Film Facebook page 

Welcome Back
Dir.: Guy Königstein

Israel, 2014
In the midst of the recent round of violence in Southern Israel, the filmmaker invites a group of friends to the rural community where he was born, in the Upper Galilee, to organize a reception for Palestinian returnees. How will the group face this challenge?



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