Launching of the new book: "Awda - Imagined Testimonies from Potential Futures"
From: 30/09/2013 17:00 - To: 30/09/2013 19:00
Design: Aviv Gros-Alon


Launching of a new book: "Awda - Imagined Testimonies from Possible Futures"

 Awda assembles 12 short stories who will take place in an imagined reality after the return of the Palestinian Refugees. The stories were written by Umar al-Ghubari, Tzvi Ben Dor-Banit, Daniela Karmi, Mati Shemoelof, Isra'a Kalash, Amal Eqeiq  Adi Sorek, Yehouda Shenhav-Sharabani, Husam Othman, Hanna Eady, Ala Hlehel and Tomer Gardi. 

30/9/2013 - 20:00pm - 22:00pm

Evening program:
Few words on the book
Play back performance - "Awda - Imagined Testimonies from Possible Futures"
by Kartoshkes Ansemble 
Languages: Hebrew and Arabic

Location: The event will take place in the area of the village al-Shaykh Muwannis, which was located there till the Nakba
Address: Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv - Rothschild Auditorium, 2 Haim Levanon street, Tel Aviv

The launching is the closing event of the International Conference: From Truth to Redress: Realizing the Return of Palestinian Refugees.

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The book is published by Zochrot and Pardes publishing house: // www.

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