Towards a Common Archive / Filmed Testimonies by Zionist Fighters in 1948
A joint project by Zochrot, Eyal Sivan & Prof. Ilan Pappé
At: 02/10/2012 18:00
Video testimonies by Zionists fighters on the Nakba


Opening: October 2, 2012; Closing: December 31, 2012
At Zochrot's Visual Research Lab, 34 Yitzhak Sade St. Tel Aviv, 4th floor, Room 400

Curator: Eyal Sivan; Scientific Curator: Prof. llan Pappé; Asst. Curator/Producer: Debby Farber

The exhibition includes more than 30 testimonies of Jewish fighters filmed especially for this project, clips form documentaries by Israeli filmmakers with fighters' testimonies, Nakba representations from feature films which constitute testimonies in their own right, testimonies by second- and third-generation descendants of fighters, and a demo screening of the online Common Archive - Palestine 1948 project, which enables users to view Palestinian and Zionist testimonies side by side. 
Related events will include tours to Lod (Al-Lydd) and other sites referred to in the testimonies, as well as four screening nights hosted by the filmmakers, as well as a training workshop on filming testimonies. 

"They found a little hole, 120 people snuffed it. One hundred and twenty people were in this mosque. This I knew. They talked about it. They fled to the mosque because they thought that was the safest place - that there they wouldn't kill them. Because they knew Israelis would not destroy a mosque."On the Dahamsh Mosque Massacre (from the filmed testimony of a Palmach-Yiftach Brigade fighter)

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