House (1980) - a film by Amos Gitai
Screened at Zochrot's gallery
From: 02/04/2012 17:30 - To: 30/04/2012 19:30
House (1980) - Amos Gitai

House (1980) - A film by Amos Gitai Will be screened at Zochrot's gallery. The opening is Wednesday, 14.3.2012, 20:30.Haim Deuel Luski will talk with Amos Gitai about his artistic work (30min.). The film will then be screened, followed by a discussion with the audience. The movie is 50 minutes long in Hebrew and Arabic with subtitles in English.The film will be screened on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 10:00 to 15:00 until the end of April 2012. Please contact to make sure you can watch it: 03-6953155
House is the first film in a trilogy which also includes A House in Jerusalem (1998) and News from Home (2006). 

"House enables each of the voices in it to go its own way in the face of the power and complexity of the events unfolding before it. At the right moment in this rattling work, Gitai is able to accompany the original owner as he stands in front of the house. "This is the house," says the erstwhile owner, and the emotion emanating from his words exceeds their literal meaning, pointing at absence through presence, at an idea ensconced in a building, at a rupture folded into that which is rediscovered; expressing the full mystery of a form of thinking that is complex, prolific, and precise at the same time."  (Jean-Michel Frodon)

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