Third Symposium at Zochrot's Exhibition “Towards Return of Palestinian Refugees”
The Return of Palestinian Refugees – Towards a New Language
From: 03/11/2011 18:00 - To: 03/11/2011 20:00

Thursday, 3.11.2011
Zochrot Gallery

About six weeks ago, the exhibition “Towards Return of Palestinian Refugees” opened at the Zochrot Gallery. The opening night symposium, devoted to the question “Return—to what kind of state?” dealt with the significance and implications of return for the social and political space in our region. In the second symposium, Palestinians spoke about return from various perspectives: political, social, and planning.

In the third symposium we would like to discuss the idea of language as a medium for the generation of spatial change. We will examine the role of language in political discourse in general and in feminist discourse in particular, and the way in which these discourses are involved in the promotion of a discourse of return.

The speakers:
Dr. Orly Lubin // Chair of the Department of General and Comparative Literature at Tel Aviv University. Her work deals among other things with feminist theory and women’s studies, cultural theory, and visual culture.

Safa Abu-Rabia // Anthropologist and doctoral student at Ben Gurion University, and a social activist. Writes on Bedouin historical and gender discourse among women of the 1948 generation in the Negev.

Liat Rosenberg // Director of Zochrot

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