Second symposium In connection with the exhibit: Towards return of Palestinian refugees
From: 06/10/2011 18:00 - To: 06/10/2011 20:00

Thursday, 6.10.2011
8 PM
Zochrot Gallery

Three weeks ago, Zochrot’s Gallery opened the exhibit, “Towards return of Palestinian refugees.”  We devoted the opening evening to discussing the question of   “Return – to which state?,” considering the implications and consequences of refugee return for the region’s social and political landscape.

In second evening discussion as part of the exhibit, which will be held at the end of this week, Palestinians will talk about return.  We’ll discuss the topic from various perspectives:  political, social, planning.

Hanna Farah-Kufr Bir’im // Architect, will talk about planning the renewal of Kufr Bir’im as part of the “ReForm” project on display in the exhibit.

Sami Abu-Shehada / Member of the Tel Aviv municipal council; “Initial thoughts about the return of Palestinian refugees to Tel Aviv-Jaffa:  They’re already coming back.”

Muhammad Jabali // manager, Autobiography of a City , Activist and lives in Jaffa; "Palestinians of Tel Aviv Jaffa: The refugeese are returning"

Eitan Bronstein // Zochrot’s founder and coordinator of public programs.

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