Fawwar Camp
Area: West Bank
Size: 0.27 Km2
Population size: 9,365
Population density: 35,185
Established date: 1949
Fawwar refugee camp. © 2015 UNRWA Photo by Dominiek Benoot

Fawwar camp is the southernmost camp in the West Bank, located approximately eight kilometres south of Hebron. The population in Fawwar camp has more than tripled since its establishment. Today, roughly 9,500 people live in the camp.

The Israeli settlement Beit Haggay and an Israeli military camp are located only a few kilometres away from Fawwar camp. An Israeli military watchtower is situated at the entrance of the camp. As a consequence, protection issues are a major concern for camp residents. Incursions, camp closures and clashes between young camp residents and Israeli security forces (ISF) have recently increased. In 2014, one minor was killed during such clashes.

Residents in Fawwar camp previously depended almost entirely on access to Israel for employment opportunities. The current inaccessibility of the Israeli labour market has thus severely a¬ffected employment levels and the economic situation in the camp. This has contributed to the camp’s high levels of unemployment and poverty


UNRWA West Bank Public Information Office (March 2015)

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