Arroub Camp
Area: West Bank
Size: 0.24 Km2
Population size: 12,050
Population density: 50,000
Established date: 1950
Arroub refugee camp. Photo by Christoph von Toggenburg

Arroub camp is located in the southern part of the West Bank between Bethlehem and Hebron. It is situated mainly within Area B, although the section along Road 60 falls within Area C. An Israeli watchtower is located immediately outside the camp.
Arroub camp has one of the highest numbers of incursions of all refugee camps in the West Bank. Clashes are frequent, as is the use of tear gas, sound bombs and plastic-coated metal bullets by Israeli security forces (ISF). Arrests and the detention of children in Israeli prisons are not infrequent during these clashes.

As with other camps in the West Bank, Arroub is characterized by high unemployment, overcrowding and poor living conditions. Many refugees continue to live in substandard shelters. The sewerage and storm-water network is in need rehabilitation and contributes to flooding of in some parts of the camp during the winter months.

UNRWA West Bank Public Information Office (March 2015)

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