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By: Eitan Bronstein Aparicio
A Palestinian refugee from Gaza journey’s to his family’s hometown in present-day Tel Aviv. Standing on what used to...
By: Eitan Bronstein Aparicio
The tone of Sa’ar’s slogan recalls  – perhaps intentionally – “a country of all its...
By: Eitan Bronstein Aparicio
Now that I’m ending my work in Zochrot, I would like to tell you about how it all began. Sometime in 2001, after a moving...
By: Ami Asher
Everything was new, abandoned, and destroyed. It was a peculiar Garden of Eden, in which the two eternal gods of archeology...
By: איתן ברונשטיין אפריסיו
עבורו בִּרְעִם הוא ברכה וקללה גם יחד. באנגלית זה מתחרז: A Bless and a Curse. זה...
By: Eitan Bronstein Aparicio
The map won’t help you get around – it makes it harder.  It takes the Israeli user on a trip to an imaginary...
By: Eitan Bronstein Aparicio
The jam symbolizes the life of the village which was violently interrupted.  Offering Israeli visitors to the park a taste of...
By: Eitan Bronstein Aparicio
Most visitors to KKL forests in Israel know almost nothing about Palestinian villages destroyed by Israel during the Nakba, which...
By: Devora Neumark
(This text refers to the live art performane Imwas / Canada Park) Growing up in Queens, New York during the 1960s, I was...

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