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By: Uri Natan, Benny Faibish, Maya Ophir Magnat
Developed in the Political Game Lab
By: Philip Weiss
Last night Ilan Pappe gave a brilliant speech about the cruel illusion of the peace process to a hall at New York University...
By: +972 website / By Lisa Goldman
Documents that have already been cited in history books are being re-classified in the State Archives.
By: By Umar Al-Ghubari (translated by Richard Flantz)
The civil rights leader’s name mysteriously appears on a plaque dedicated to donors who contributed money to building a...
By: Nir Hasson / haaretz
A new study says that most of the agricultural terraces surrounding Jerusalem were built during the Ottoman era. But critics are...
By: Umar al-Ghubari (translated by Richard Flantz), +972 Magazine
Isn’t it time to finally ask why every single attempt to achieve full equality for Palestinian citizens has failed?
By: Umar al-Ghubari (translated by Richard Flantz), +972 Magazine
Israeli government ministers, ‘Arab affairs’ analysts, and regular citizens incite against us — but they’re also inciting us....
By: The commission members
Truth Commission Report on the Responsibility of Israeli Society for the Events of 1948-1960 in the South
By: Umar al-Ghubari (translated by Richard Flantz), +972 Magazine
The Israeli government has begun omitting the Arabic name for Jerusalem from its street signs, erasing not only the language from...
By: Neta Alexander
Protesting from Within: The Nakba Film Festival and the Explosive Archive From Media Fields Journal 

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