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By: The Nakba Files Editors
Adalah — along with the National Committee of Arab Local Authorities, the Arab Center for Alternative Planning, the...
Ever since the beginning of the Nakba in 1948, Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons have been struggling to...
By: Umar al-Ghubari / 972 Magazine
Israeli signs in the West Bank not only ignore destroyed Palestinian villages, they also erase those in plain sight.
Houses beyond the Hyphen: Open Houses, Exhibitions and Tours in Yaffa - 12-14.5.2016
Based on the building file in the Tel Aviv Municipality Archive, the house is located in Block 7081, Parcel 22. Building plans...
By: Ofri Ilany / haaretz
The education system, the media and the tourism industry all collaborate in erasing the country's Palestinian...
Historical Research Summary: 23 Shivtei Yisrael / Al-Malek Ghazi, Jaffa Original Owner: Unknown
By: Umar al-Ghubari
The conference lasted two days, on the 21-22 March, in the Rothschild Auditorium of the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, on the...
By: Philip Weiss
Last night Ilan Pappe gave a brilliant speech about the cruel illusion of the peace process to a hall at New York University...
By: +972 website / By Lisa Goldman
Documents that have already been cited in history books are being re-classified in the State Archives.

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