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By: Amaya Galili
what my grandfather did in the Nakba? Did he see the expultion of the Palestinians from the Hula Valley and the destruction of...
The Israeli mainstream, which Heitner faithfully represents, must make a difficult choice between (at least) two alternatives....
By: מורן בריר
Throughout my entire life, the regime has tried to get me to join its side.  But if its side includes looting, hindering and...
By: Eitan Bronstein, Cornelia Siebeck
A projective discourse about Israel/Palestine that is very much entangled with the past, however, is apparently not a specifically...
By: Zochrot-Badil
We hope that whoever reads this will not treat it as a manual of return proposed by Badil and Zochrot, but rather as what it is:...
By: Cornelia Siebeck
Incompabilities between contemporary German memory discourse(s) and Zochrot’s poltical agenda
By: Alon Confino \ Indiana University Press
On a beautiful Mediterranean coast, in the newly-established state of Israel, one way of life violently and abruptly ended and a...
By: Eitan Bronstein. Photography: Eleonore
They tried to imagine their lives together when the Palestinian refugees returned. They did so with simple drawings accompanied by...
By: Eitan Bronstein. Photography: Eleonore
As Walter Benjamin's History Angel, Israelis and many people in the world see the horrors pile rising to the sky and they want to...
By: Eitan Bronstein. Photography: Galit Aloni
In that fleeting moment when my eyes moved over the posters/faces/people, from one, to the next, thinking I may see my grandfather,...

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