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By: Eitan Bronstein Aparicio
Launching the first Nakba map in Hebrew - at Zochrot and on Tel Aviv streets
By: Amaya Galili
For years Israeli society has silenced and denied the Nakba and its own responsibility for its consequences, but in recent years the...
By: Noa Levy, Eitan Bronstein Aparicio
It should be remembered that Israel demolished most of the homes that belonged to Palestinians.  Ariella Azoulay notes that...
By: Moran Barir
KKL is not “green”!  That’s its big lie!  I was raised to believe that the KKL was at least the equivalent of...
By: Atty. Arie Yampuler
The document is full of holes so fails to answer important crucial questions. But it is important to present to the sides and...
By: Idan Segev Simsolo
Tales of the kibbutz and the 1948 war
By: Tom Pessah
But maybe imagine something different: a plane landing in Ben-Gurion airport with some “new immigrants” from the...
By: Eitan Bronstein Aparicio. Photographs: Eléonore Merza
Documentaries almost always prefer victims to perpetrators.  This exhibit is an attempt to document the accounts of bit...
By: Danit Shaham
The book reveals that the neutrality is only apparent, demonstrates the degree to which our space is the product of design and...

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