Game: Refugee vs. Refugee
Developed in the Political Game Lab
By: Ahmad Kharouf
Refugee vs. Refugee: Ahmad Kharouf

This game is about the state’s problematic policy towards the African refugees. It raises several issues for discussion, related directly or indirectly to the way Israel treats asylum seekers. The government’s current policy is a direct continuation of the traditional Israeli policy towards ethnic and other minorities that are not part of the Jewish-Israeli hegemony.
Some of the questions raised by the game are: How are identities defined? When can identities leave in pace with other identities around them and when do they feel threatened to the point of rejecting any other group? Is there any real threat to the hegemony? What is the state’s responsibility for the asylum seekers? And how can the refugees be reconceived as a group able to leverage itself and other groups in society?


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