Game: Weave a Plot
Developed in the Political Game Lab
By: Aman Jaraisey, Eedo Mizrahi
Weave a Plot: Aman Jaraisey, Eedo Mizrahi. Graphic Design: Amal Shoufany

Weave a plot is a game where the players narrate a story together based on cards received in order to reach a shared end. The cards are borrowed from Israeli-Palestinian reality and the resulting stories touch upon that reality directly or indirectly in a slightly unusual manner – they tend to be funny, crazy, sometimes sad, sometimes exciting and inspiring. These stories are about peace processes, heroic journeys and personal and social restitution. They cut across the country from Iqrith to Sderot, and on the way pass through local cuisine delicacies, olive trees, epiphanies, robberies and all manner of obstacles on the way to the common destination. 


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