Game: Borderline
Developed in the Political Game Lab
By: Uri Natan, Benny Faibish, Maya Ophir Magnat
Borderline: Uri Natan, Benny Faibish, Maya Ophir Magnat

Borderline – A game of storytelling in today’s Israel

The current reality in Israel/Palestine is fragile, explosive and dangerous – it seems like everyone is sitting on a powder keg and that many others are holding matches in their hands. But there are people who live here, make do along the fault line. Where there are people, there must also be daily life. Between the checkpoint and the closure, couples go out on their first date, children go to first grade and people move to a new apartment. Many are still trying to live their lives.
And here they are, between East and West, on the borderline between routine and madness…
Borderline is storytelling game based on scenes as in a script or theater play – a takeoff on the game Fiasco. Every player creates a character and plays it with the other players through several scenes.

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