I Almost Forgot! 2010

This year remembering the Nakba is especially important because of the new law under consideration, what is known as the Nakba Law. It's a rare law for a democratic country: Making it criminal for citizens to remember their own country's past. According to the law, any public institution that supports commemoration of the Nakba on Independence Day will be fined. But we know that the Nakba didn't end in 1948: That's only when it started. As long as the Palestinian refugees are forbidden from returning, Israelis will not be released of being occupiers of the land. As every year, Shrulik and other Israelis joined us to commemorate the Nakba. So that we won't forget, and so that we can live here one day in peace.

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1 / כמעט שכחתי 2010

2 / כמעט שכחתי, 2010

3 / כמעט שכחתי, 2010

4 / כמעט שכחתי, 2010

6/ כמעט שכחתי, 2010

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