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Opening: 18/05/2017 - Closing: 20/05/2017
Artist: Dorit Naaman, Raafat Hattab
Qatamon, Jerusalem
Opening: 12/05/2016 19:00 - Closing: 14/05/2016 21:00
Artist: Kamal al-Ja’fari, Scandar Copti, Rabi’ Buchari, Samah Shehade
Exhibitions – Open Houses – Tours in Yaffa
Opening: 12/05/2016 - Closing: 14/05/2016
Artist: Scandar Copti, Rabi’ Buchari
The video installation CFJ1 presents a conversation between four men – all graduates of the French Christian school...
Opening: 12/05/2016 - Closing: 14/05/2016
Artist: Samah Shehade
"So we were uprooted... Uprooted, leaving behind us in Palestine our spirit, our hope, our childhood, our joy and our...
Opening: 12/05/2016 - Closing: 14/05/2016
Artist: Kamal al-Ja’fari
Kamal al-Ja’fari’s archival-visual project traces the trail of the erased city of Yaffa through dozens of popular...
Opening: 01/01/2016 - Closing: 02/01/2016
Event in Al-Araqib
Opening: 14/05/2015 - Closing: 16/05/2015
Artist: Anisa Ashkar, Manar Zuabi, Mahmoud Kais
Curator: Debby Farber Historical research of the houses: Niva Grinzvige & Umar al-Ghubary Design: Nirit Binyamini...
Opening: 14/05/2015 - Closing: 16/05/2015
Artist: Anisa Ashkar
The raw material common to all works displayed in this exhibition is tar – which connotes dirt, the street, asphalt, the...
Opening: 14/05/2015 - Closing: 16/05/2015
Artist: Mahmoud Kais
This installation incorporates the various formal and thematic elements characteristic of Mahmoud Kais’ work over the past...
Opening: 14/05/2015 - Closing: 16/05/2015
Artist: Manar Zuabi
Zuabi’s exhibition is composed of two performative video artworks. The first is mute, and documents Zuabi and fellow artist...
Opening: 15/05/2014 - Closing: 02/08/2014
Artist: Dani Gal
Opening: Thursday, May 15, 2014, Nakba Day, 20:00 Closing 1/8/2014 At Zochrot's Visual Reaserch Laboratory: 34 Yitshak...
Opening: 12/03/2014 - Closing: 11/05/2014
Artist: Eitan Bronstein Aparicio, Moran Barir
The New KKL exhibition is an educational, artistic and political offer and has nothing to do with KKL. Despite this, KKL is...
Opening: 12/12/2013 - Closing: 30/01/2014
Artist: Dvora Morag
The exhibit is open from Sunday to Thursday 10:00 - 15:00. Call to make sure: 03-6953155. The text by the curator Dr. Ktsia...
Opening: 21/11/2013 - Closing: 05/12/2013
Artist: Eric Bokobza
Unlike other portrayals of executions in which the viewer may be able to “take comfort” in the possibility that, despite the...
Opening: 28/07/2013 - Closing: 19/09/2013
Artist: Aiob Abu MaDeGam
Photography exhibit
Opening: 15/04/2013 - Closing: 30/05/2013
Artist: Eitan Vitkon
Photographs and video art
Opening: 23/01/2013 - Closing: 30/03/2013
Artist: Ron Amir
Ron Amir take photos at Jisr az-Zarqa
Opening: 02/10/2012 - Closing: 15/01/2013
Artist: Curator: Eyal Sivan, Scientific Curator: Prof. Ilan Pappe, Assistant Curator/Producer: Debby Farber
Video Testimonies of Zionists Fighters in 1948
Opening: 15/08/2012 - Closing: 22/09/2012
Artist: Elle Flanders and Tamira Sawatsky
Elle Flamders and Tamira Sawatsky
Opening: 23/02/2011 - Closing: 12/05/2011
Artist: David Goss
David Goss illustrates the wall in cement, section by section, assembling the wall in Zochrot's exhibition space and turning...

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