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Place of birth: Abu Smara - Beer al-Sabe’ \Beer Sheva District
Yousif Farhoud al-Usaybi Place of birth: Abu Smara (Beer al-Sabe’ \Beer Sheva District) Current residence: Hura\Negev Date of the visit:...
Tens of thousands of Yaffa’s inhabitants were deported in 1948 on ships heading for Gaza, Beirut, and other Mediterranean ports. The combined tour...
The symposium will offer an extensive discussion of the issues addressed by the exhibition, with emphasis on memory and its erasure in Palestinian...
A South African Jewish group of "Stop The JNF South Africa" organized on the 1st of May 2015, in cooperation with Zochrot, a public ceremony to...
Refugee from Lubya - Tiberias District
Launching of the new book of the author and playwright Salman Natur "The Memory had conversed with me and disappeared - The Life and Death of the...
Ahead of the launch of the book by Salman Natour "The Memory had conversed with me and disappeared", the social TV conducted a street survey in...
On Wednesday, April 8, we commemorated the 67th anniversary of the Dayr Yassin massacre. We walked along the main street of the village (now Kanfey...
Place of birth: Dayr Aban \ Jerusalem District
A "Truth Commission", inspired by the Truth and Reconciliation commissions held in South Africa to end apartheid, was held in Beersheba Recently...

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