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While hundreds of thousands celebrated, the police arrested three activists for trying to question the history of this day.  
Filming and Editing: Raneen Jeries Translation: Elisha Alexander Hebrew with Hebrew, English and French subtitles (17.3.2012)
The NGO Zochrot suggests practical solutions for the return of refugees in order to implant the idea within the Israeli public and to avoid having it...
On Saturday, October 10, 2011, we toured the site of the Palestinian village of 'Aqir, south of Ar-Ramlah (Ramla), where the Jewish settlement of...
Video prepared especially for the exhibition "Towards the return of Palestinians refugees" presented at the gallery of Zochrot in September...
A 60-year-old Palestinian and his son arrive at an archeological site of an ancient Jewish settlement and buy tickets to enter. This is their only way to...
A fascinating lecture by Sam Bahour on the right of return of Palestinian refugees as essential component in peace between Israelis and...
  On Saturday, July 2nd, 2011, Zochrot held an open tour in the Galilee village of al-Birwa.
  Zochrot tour of the destroyed Palestinian village of Khubbayza (al- Rawha area - Haifa district). 21/5/2011
A tour of the destroyed Palestinian village of Khubbayza and a meeting with its refugees  
Khubbayza - Haifa District
This video describes a protest action against the Nakba Law which took place in Tel Aviv on the eve of Israeli Independence Day, 9 May 2011. The protest...

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