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Opening: 03/12/2009 - Closing: 21/01/2010
Artist: Hagit Keysar
The work presented in the exhibition developed from my MA thesis which focused on municipal practices in enforcing the planning...
Opening: 03/08/2009 - Closing: 03/09/2009
Artist: Relli de Vries
Relli de Vries
Opening: 26/11/2008 - Closing: 27/02/2009
Artist: Photographs by Tzachi Ostrovsky, texts by Haim Hanegbi
"He sees a house whose construction was never completed, climbs the external stairs leading nowhere, looks around at the view...
Opening: 21/06/2008 - Closing: 21/07/2008
Artist: Activestills, Joseph Algazy, B’tselem, Nir Kafri, Dafna Kaplan, Miki Kratsman, Ian Sternthal, Suha Zaid
Visual Essay
Opening: 22/06/2008 - Closing: 25/06/2008
Photos of refugees at the Ayn el-Hilweh camp were printed at human size and installed at their remains of their village, Ras...
Opening: 19/03/2008 - Closing: 03/06/2008
Artist: Ariela Azoulai
Between 1947 and 1950, the institutions of the Jewish Yishuv were transformed into the apparatus of a Jewish state. They were...
Opening: 03/03/2008 - Closing: 28/05/2008
Artist: Ido Bruno, David Goss, Zivia, Einat Leader, Ravit Latzer, Gad Charney, Ami Steinitz, Yasmin Daher
“…How I awakened one solitary night to hear an unfamiliar voice, turned in its direction and saw my elderly, blind  father...
Opening: 30/04/2007 - Closing: 29/08/2007
Artist: Shlomit Bauman
Zochrot's art gallery opened with its premier exhibit “Channel al-Dawwara” by ceramic artist Shlomit Bauman, with audio and...

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